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Electric Fencing Products

As a leading provider and supplier of Electric Fencing Products in Delhi, India we offer a wide range of products that are used for housing purpose, commercial complexes, industrial areas, other utilities and most of all high security installations. Our electric fence products are acknowledges in the market for the security and safety they have provided to the society.

Our product are designed and made with the latest technology, giving high security to premises like airports, border fences, naval bases, embassies, and mints. Above all, our electric fencing products in India serve as protectors for certain government utilities like water reservoirs, power distribution facilities, transport depots, pumping stations and gas pipelines that need proper security and protection. Being well known in the Indian market, we ensure that our electric fencing products are safe and reliable in use.

Residential Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

The revolutionary designs in security electric fencing have made this product range a trusted household appliance. These products are trusted by many homeowners as the product of choice to secure their private properties, housing estates and villages.

The cost-effective, reliable and effective designs have been the focus of development over the past twenty years. The continually evolving range offers innovative solutions for many residential applications, with many choices to ensure that the right product is available to make homes secure without compromising on aesthetics. The large range of wall top brackets and posts have made it easy to secure most walls offering a range of effective security solutions.

Commercial Electric Fence Product

Electric Fencing

Office and commercial parks, car showrooms and motor home displays and outdoor showrooms have not been ignored by criminals and are often also a soft target for vandals. This need for secure perimeter protection has been combined with aesthetically pleasing designs that do not compromise on the effectiveness of the security. Modulus brackets and post systems are just some of the trusted solutions where the security electric fencing products look good yet work effectively.

Animal Farms Electric Fence

Electric Fencing

The electric fence energizer can detect animals trying to surpass the fence with its monitoring technology. It is one of the important means for animal control. It saves a lot of time and money, since it doesn’t require human patrolling 24/7; as it can easily be monitored at a central location. As for the trouble faced by the animal reserves, it can be solved only by the security that is offered by the Nemtek electric fencing energizers to stop the animals from trespassing.


Electric Fencing

The Druid 15 offers 4.6 J output energy.Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT), pioneered and patented byNemtek, these energizers offer a new and unique method in detectinghow much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc andwaste energy. This allows the fence to operate at higher voltages andmore efficiently.

Changes in the surrounding environment can affect a fence’s efficiency.The APT actively analyses the fence and adapts the transfer of power asrequired to ensure maximum performance.

These Nemtek energizers are an excellent choice for coastal areas, wherethe salt build-up during the dry season can result in increased powerlosses along the fence. The APT feature will modify the output pulse tomaximise the transfer of power onto the fence and minimise arcing. Theenergizer ensures that the fence only receives the amount of power it canmanage thus making it energy efficient and economical.

  • LCD display shows information which is quick and easy to read
  • The background colours on the LCD display, give a quick glanceindication of the energizer status without the user having to approachthe unit in order to read the display. For example, “green” indicates allis fine, “orange” indicates that attention is required and “red”indicates an alarm condition. The colouredlights are visible from adistance, and are quick to spot
  • The Druid LCD range can accept up to two keypads to remotely controlthe energizer
  • Quick walk test mode on the system offers the installer a quick testfacility to walk the fence and test it
  • High voltage monitor will sound alarm when the live wires aretampered with
  • Earth wire monitor will sound alarm when there is tampering with theearth wires
  • Easy to use tag switch for controlling the unit if the keypad option isnot used
  • Connectable to an armed response radio
  • Gate monitor input monitors the position of the gate to indicate if the gate is open
  • Lightning and power surge suppression is built in to reduce the possibility of damage due to power surges
  • Internal battery backup system in case of power failure
  • Intelligent power saving to extend the battery life and save energy

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