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Automatic Spike Barrier

Contrived from latest technology and superlative quality raw materials, our vast range of tyre killer and bollards are highly sought after in various spheres such as big hotels, corporate and civil security.

Road Spike Barrier

Boom Barrier

State-of-the-art technology, dedicated professionals and the zeal to learn and provide the best quality product make us stand out in the market. Our great assortment of road spike barriers are highly acclaimed and demanded for their long lasting feature and impeccable finish.

  • Heavy duty spike return instrument
  • Road spike barrier for one way
  • Each and every spike is linked to its own return instrument or device or mechanism to stop people from lowering it by foot
  • Unidirectional spike vehicular barrier available in surface mount design

  • Specifications :

  • Size: 1000x420x50 mm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Sections: 1 m and 0.5 m

Tyre Killer Spike Barrier

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A coveted name in the market for manufacturing and trading tyre killer spike barrier is YSR Security System. Our name is enough to win hearts of hundreds and thousands clients worldwide. Made from superior quality stainless steel, these products are immaculately engineered to serve the purpose of thwarting unlawful entry of vehicles.

    Features :
  • Inbuilt safety device
  • Tested and certified (by ARAI) tyre ripper
  • It is operated automatically by means of “up-stop-down” push-button set.
  • It can be incorporated with various access control solutions
  • While blocking spikes are colored red, its surface plate is colored in black and yellow strips
  • Drainage outlets for underground solid fused steel edge
  • The electromechanical drive is compact and enwrapped in a steel cabinet (lockable)
  • Spike are made from high graded steel
  • The top of the casing of road block spikes is integrated with steel cover parts that let vehicles go by wrapping the blocking spikes in the lowered place.
Related Information Specifications:
  • Operating voltage : 230V, 50Hz
  • Blocking height : 150mm
  • Optional equipment: Traffic lights Photo electric sensors
  • Blocking width: 3 - 6 meter
  • Weight: 750 Kg (for 3 meter blocking width)
  • Depth of casing: 235 mm
  • Control unit: Microcontroller based
  • Operating time: 3 to 4 sec
  • Distance between adjacent spikes centers (of two): 100(+10 mm)
  • Single Phase Operating temperature: 0°C to 55°C

Tyre Killer

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The demands of tyre killers in the market are huge. They are used in big corporate offices, government offices, various industries, security premises and plants to prohibit illegal entry. Tyre killers have large blades that can pose threat to any vehicles with wrong intentions. Our products are highly acclaimed for their durability and no repair cost.

    Some of it's key features are:
  • Various sizes 2. 5m, 3. 5m, 6m in length.
  • Options of semi automatic, fully automatic and manual (in case of emergency).
  • Spike height 100mm to 200mm.
  • Better security.
  • Options in m. S, s. S body.
  • Opening and closing time 6 sec to 10sec.
  • Can damage vehicles up to 40km/h speed.
  • Elegant in look.

Tyre Killer

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Why is tyre killer so important? What role does it play? Tyre Killer has to play a big role in preventing or prohibiting unlawful intrusions of vehicles at either entry or exit points where security is very tight. The device is electronically controlled heavy duty spike obstruction rising high on the ground when given a valid signal. Coated with TESCON 4S, tyre killers ensures safety against decay and deterioration.


It is controlled by high speed hydraulic cylinders. An electric motor is also installed in water proof lockable steel (up to 20 meters of distance from the barrier). The road blocker’s operation time (it is the time when the blocker moves up and down) ranges between two to six seconds.

  • Blocking Width : from 2.00 m to 6.00 m.
  • Blocking Height : heavy-duty steel spikes, 475 mm high.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Drive Unit : integrated within underground casing or separately inside lockable steel cabinet for outdoor installation max. 20 m distance from tyre killer.

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